The Truth about Amy Porterfield!

Amy Porterfield and Facebook for Dummies

I wanted to write this Blog to give people the TRUTH and Facebook Guru and Author Amy Porterfield.  She is widely known as the leading authority on Facebook Marketing and helped co-write the book Facebook for Dummies.  Well I purchased her course and joined her FB Insider Group and I am going to tell you my experience with this course right here, right now!

First of all, my name is Joe and I make my full time living online.  I do Search Marketing, Pay Per Click Marketing, Micro Site Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Media Buys, Email Marketing, Voice Broadcasts, Lead Generation and partner with 6 Call Centers.  I make 6 figures a month and you could say I know what I am talking about.  I employ 6 full time assistants who assist me in building up my Cloud Based Campaigns.

I had heard of Amy before but thought “what on earth could she teach me?  I am sure I could actually teach her a thing of two”.  Then I remembered something I actually teach in my Seminars and Webinars which is “even if you sit here and learn just 1 thing in 8 hours and that 1 thing makes you $100,000 a year…what else would you be doing with that 8 hours?”  So I bought the course.

After going through the course, I found out through the Power Editor that you can target just mobile devices so your ads can show up there!  I did not know this.

After going through the course, I found out WHY you do a Promoted Post.  I knew you COULD do it, I just never knew WHY you should do it.  I run Facebook Ads and then Promote Posts to my Fans and the Friends of Fans….but after taking the course and one of Amy’s Webinars i found out you can Post something on your Fan Page and then target that post to certain different demographics (people who are not even Fans of your Page….which I did not know.  So here is what I did;

-I own 3 Massage Wellness Centers so I created a Special Post for Engaged Women, then I promoted that post to Engaged Women…..there were 14,200 in Grand Rapids, Mi, 12,000 in Rochester, NY and 18,000 in Columbus, OH….I spent $10 a day in each city and average 5 new appointments a day per location.  That’s a $70 Gross on $10 and I will most likely keep these customers for Life so that $10 that made me $70 will most likely be $10 that makes me $700 (between repeat appointments, referrals, etc…..).

-Feeling frisky, I decided to run a Birthday Massage Special and promote it to people having birthdays within 7 days and there were DOUBLE the amount of people that have birthdays within 7 days (and it’s rolling so its always dropping 3000 and adding 3000 everyday…I hope you know what that means)….Now my $10 a day is making me $140!  So I can only assume this $10 is now worth $1400!!!

This simple idea will allow me to expand FASTER than originally planned because I now know I can predict future business in new locations!!!  Meaning, my business model had me taking a month to open a new location because it took about that long to gather 1000 fans per my budget.  But now, I can open in a week SIMPLY by starting a Page for that area JUST LIKE THIS ONE and then creating 2 posts (or more) and then Promoting those posts just like above!  This will allow me to get to 200 locations in 2 years vs. 5 years!  Yes, JUST ON FACEBOOK

***And an additional benefit I realized was that I also got TONS of “Likes, Comments and Posts”.  the interaction on my page went through the roof and that SAME $10 got my TWICE AS MANY LIKES as the $10 per day I was spending on “like My Page” Ads……one word…………..WOW!!!!!!!!

-Now being an Affiliate Marketer….I started to think “Hmmmmmmmmmm, what else could this help me with?”  Well one of my biggest campaigns is Education so i buy day old leads at $.08 cents a lead and we buy 3000 a day and we enroll people into Online Schools and make about $1200 on those 3000 leads.  So 3000 x $.08 cents is $240.  So after payroll of $600 my profit is about $360 a day on this campaign.  Well, I decided to create a site called Higher Education Assistance and then Promote the Pell Grant and to anyone turning 24 within 7 days (there is a rolling 161,000 people in the US) and here is what happened……

-Every $50 spent generated 20 Live, Exclusive EDU Leads at $2.50 cents a Lead.  20 x $2.50 = $50.  But, I actually MADE $48 on the Pell Grant Application that went to the schools so basically it cost me $2 for 20 leads or $.10 cents a Lead!  Well you might say “well $.10 cents is higher than $.08 cents so it actually costs more”.  Well, let me explain it to you this way….Live, Real Time EDU leads convert at 15% where Day Old Leads Convert at 3%.  So if we compare Apples to Apples those 3000 leads that currently make me $1200 a day will make me $6000 a day.  So the profit goes from $360 a day to $2700 day! (3000 leads at .10 cents is a $300 cost for the leads and 50% of the $6000 revenue is $3000 to me so $3000-$300 is $2700!).

Yes, I am an idiot for not taking my own advice sooner and buying this course.  You see, no one knows EVERYTHING and you will learn something from this course.  The main thing you get is access to her Private Facebook Group called FB Ads Insider (which is invitation only for people who buy the course) where like minded Facebook Marketers all gather and share their stories, history and such.

Guys, for $97 it is a no brainer….I mean seriously, A NO BRAINER!  Amy Porterfield and the Facebook for Dummies course that is almost a necessity for your business!  Call this number and listen to my testimonial.

641-715-3900 Extension 192243 then press #  (enjoy your course!)

Contact Joe Here Per the recording

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